Some of my favorite work to date, please note where I’ve digitally manipulated friend’s work that is not my own.

  • For EA Games, Animal East, Endeavor Media, Thom Glunt, Valve Software, GameStop, private commissions

Apocalypse Space Fighter 3D geometry.

CNC cut foam, sanded, painted, and finished model of the Apocalypse Space Fighter.

Air Force Table sketches

Air Force Table sketches

Air Force Table sketches

Air Force Memorial table, under construction.

Air Force Memorial themed display table, presented to Major General Robert Smolen Commander, Air Force District of Washington D.C. as a retirement gift from his family. Private commission.

Custom designed and constructed sci-fi pistol props. Private commission.

Shaun Of The Dead replica cricket bat prop under construction.

Shaun Of The Dead replica cricket bat prop finished, hand painted faux hardwood. Private commission.

Cricket bat detail.

Cricket bat detail, hand painted faux hardwood.

Pirates Of The Caribbean style trophy cup. Private commission.

Trophy cup detail, hand sculpted, painted, and finished barnacles.

Contracted machining for Interbots.

Pneumatic extending/retracting Wolverine claws prop for Wolverine costume. Private commission.

Vacuum former design.

Digital character design on a friend's finished display bust.

Digital special effects makeup design.

Digital sculpture critique, a friend's sculpture adjusted for likeness.

Digital photo manipulation.

T shirt design. Private Commission.

Some cartooning for fun.

Some cartooning for fun.

Sketch, vectorized and digitally painted.

Album cover art.

Photography. Lil Dash in the grass by the shop.

Photography. Don't worry, be happy.

Photography. Grandma and Grandpa Vance.

Photography. Loft view of the yard.