Technically Magic Effects

Deck with Pergola

Private Client

Entryway Built-In Cabinet

Private Client

Beauty And The Beast

Springville Griffith Institute

Demo Reel

Thom Glunt, Endeavor Media, Animal Inc.

Truffula Trees

Pioneer Marching Band

Minotaur Creature Suit

Thom Glunt


EA Games, Animal East, Endeavor Media, Thom Glunt, Valve Software, GameStop, private commissions

Timber Frame Barn Renovation

Private Client

Concept Sketches / Doodles

Private Clients

Little Shop Of Horrors

Springville Griffith Institute


Godzilla: Heritage

Mike’s Hard Cider

Animal Productions, Mike’s Hard

Cute Creature Puppet

Thom Glunt

Vacuum Former

Villa Maria College

Custom Home

Straight Line Construction

Closet Built-In Cabinet

Private Client

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Springville Griffith Institute

Crushed School Bus

Sniper Marketing

Musical Instrument Art Installation

Thom Glunt, RJD2

Owl City Spacesuit

Animal East Productions

Industrial Mechanical Design

Glauber Equipment Co. , RJR Engineering, Lazarus Industries LLC.

Tree Houses

Buffalo Treehouse LLC

Vintage Camper Renovation

Private Client

Seussical The Musical

Springville Griffith Institute

Special Makeup Effects

Animal Inc., Endeavor Media, Thom Glunt, Theatre Bizarre Detroit, Zombie Walk Pittsburgh, private commissions

Thing Hand

Private commission

Corvo Attano’s Mask Model

Future US, Arkane Studios

Studio Apartment

Private Client

Mamma Mia!

Springville Griffith Institute

Large Scale Relief Sculptures

Private Client

The Evil Within

Future US, Bethesda Softworks, PAX Prime

Creature Effects & Animatronics

Thom Glunt

Atlas Robot Model

Valve Software